550 hotels under construction in Saudi Arabia – Real Talk

Experts and specialists in the Saudi tourist accommodation sector forecast that Saudi hotel brands are planning to increase their investments and expand outside the Kingdom through franchising, reports Saudi-based Al-Hayat.
Mohammed Al Moajil, head of the tourism committee at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, says franchise is the future and needs to be legalized and regulated. Saudi brands such as Intour must give other investors the opportunity to study their growth models and help them learn and expand, domestically and internationally, he adds.

Hospitality Association, reveals that the association is tasked to work with the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) to issue licenses according to the new classification system for hotels and residential units, which will be announced soon.


“Entertainment and hospitality, a shopping village and a sports hub: an innovative mix for the project set to change how people travel in China”

source: Magazine 5th Edition
via: www.ameinfo.com

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