Expo 2015

The world fair with a difference

The EXPO 2015 world fair in Milan began on May 1 and will continue until October 31, 2015. It is the biggest world fair yet: 140 countries are participating in total and 53 countries have constructed their own pavilion at total cost of around €1 billion. The fair extends over an area of approximately one million square metres, with more than 150 restaurants, bars, kiosks, street food stations and drinks areas, making Expo 2015 the biggest restaurant as well as the biggest trade fair in the world. The DORCHESTER spoke to the Mayor of Milan Giuliano Pisapia, Expo 2015 Event Manager Pietro Galli, Expo 2015 Visitor, Experience and Exhibition Design Director Matteo Gatti, and Expert on economic affairs, the vice president of Milan’s Chamber of Commerce Alberto Meomartini about the big event.

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