Fawaz Gruosi – Interview

He is one of the most renowned jewellery makers of his generation. President, owner and founder of de Grisogono. Born in Lebanon and raised in Italy, Gruosi founded de Grisogono in 1993 and his innovation, talent and aesthetic sensibility have made the firm an internationally celebrated brand. The DORCHESTER talked to Mr. Fawaz Gruosi about jewellery, art and staying on top..

“I have always gone against the tide.”

de Grisogono ” DIVINE” Party – Cannes 2015

You have totally revolutionized the face of the jewellery industry since you opened de Grisogono in 1993. Did you set out to do this or did you simply follow your artistic vision?

I think it is fifty percent destiny and fifty percent hard work. As far back as I can remember, I have appreciated beauty in all its forms. My origins, by which I mean the positive influence of southern cultures, taught me the importance of sensitivity and emotion. I have always gone against the tide. I work on instinct and simply create what I love and perhaps the combination of loving what I do and a natural instinct for it have helped me achieve.

It could be said that the black diamond is your signature stone. What drew you to the jewel in the first place? Can you explain its attraction?

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for jewels and gemstones in general, an affinity with design, along with absolute dedication to perfection and innovation. I can immediately recognize the potential of jewellery as an exciting, relevant part of women’s lives. I could always see the creative possibilities of the gems we work with and that applies especially to those stones that were neglected, or disregarded due to old-fashioned rules and classifications. The black diamond cast a sort of spell over me – I was fascinated by its magnificence and magnetism. That stone has since become de Grisogono’s emblem while complementing and embellishing our watches and jewellery designs.

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Our reinvention of the black diamond is legendary. Do you still have a particular affinity for black diamonds or are you looking for the next artistic challenge?

lack diamonds remain one of our distinctive brand signatures along with others stones and materials such as “Icy Diamonds”, the “Browny Brown” gold with a chestnut sheen and unexpected time displays which the Meccanico, Otturatore, Occhio and most recently our newest creations Tondo Tourbillon and New Retro showcase. In answer to the question, every day is made of a new artistic challenge for me. My heart and my mind are always searching, continually come up with something unexpected, original and new.

de Grisogono was founded in 1993 and is a major competitor for the older, more established firms. Are you still seen as a sort of ‘enfant terrible’ of the jewellery industry?

I have graduated past the “enfant terrible” classification by now, I hope! I have always been governed by my intellectual freedom and rebelliousness. That means I was always, and still am, pushing boundaries, breaking rules and taking risks. When I was younger, this was a way for me to free myself from strict codes and tradition and to assert my own point of view and personality. Over the years, I have learned from experience but I have always seen things with a fresh perspective.

“I am inspried by all types of Art.”

de Grisogono Jewellery

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